The dangers and rewards of giving more than you get. An excerpt from Give and Take by Wharton professor Adam Grant. Plus: Interview with the author.[...]
Can an unpredictably centrist talk-show host with a yen for “nothing” really have an impact on the national discourse?[...]
What happens when a playwright best known for a one-man show about a seriously overdue library book gets involved in creating a blockbuster musical about an iconic superhero? In one word: Kapow![...]
Hurrah! Hurrah! Songs of Penn. [...]
Julie Beren Platt C’79 is the new president of Penn Alumni.[...]
Bow-tied, big-league sports-reporter Ken Rosenthal C’84.[...]
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Peter Merriman C’78 serves regional cuisine in “the best place on earth.” [...]
July|Aug 2013[...]
July|Aug 2013[...]
July|Aug 2013[...]
Lots of aid projects in the developing world provide materials—from latrines to laptops—but little in the way of involvement or input for the people they are supposed to benefit. In Nicaragua a group of Penn alumni, faculty, and students are trying a different approach.[...]
Alumnus Michael Burke’s life reads like an adventure story— several of them, actually. [...]
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Suzie Brown G’09 sings—and practices medicine—from the heart.[...]
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Meredith Stiehm C’90 is leaving Homeland for The Bridge.[...]