SLIDESHOW | Picnic in the (Penn) Park, and more. [...]
PennDesign's Orkan Telhan and Matt Neff GFA’05 created a bacteria-powered piece for homes of the future.[...]
Window, May|June 2014[...]
May|June 2014[...]
May|June 2014[...]
Producer Vivek Tiwary C’96 W’96 wrote a book on the “fifth Beatle.” [...]
Baseball and military service shaped the life of Nick Francona W’08.[...]
Location scout Dan Gorman CGS’82 GEd’97 puts Philly on film.[...]
Judith Rodin CW’66 Hon’04 was a co-chair at Davos this year.[...]
Darlene Cavalier CGS’05 is a cheerleader for science.[...]
May|June 2014[...]
“Outsider” composer Joseph Hallman LPS’13 has arrived.[...]
Tony Peebles C’03 plays sax in a Grammy-winning band.[...]
Rousing rendition.[...]
What catches the eye and what stirs the soul.[...]
Surviving the Boston Marathon bombing, and thriving at Penn.[...]
Nick Spitzer C’71 on the importance of “informal culture.” [...]
Musician and activist John Legend C’99 will speak at Commencement.[...]
And singing. And dancing. And joking. And cross-dressing. A century and a quarter after its first production in 1889, Mask & Wig—the “oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United States”—remains the one there’s only room for. [...]
As president and CEO of the private foundation that owns, operates, and finances the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Joe Daniels L’98 has weathered political battles, emotional conflicts, economic challenges, construction headaches, and more to honor those who died that day. [...]