Bruce Herdman WG’75 Gr’82 G’83 directs healthcare for Philly’s prisons.[...]
John Maris M’89 co-leads a “Dream Team” fighting childhood cancers.[...]
Brain Pickings is Maria Popova C’07’s “one-woman labor of love.” [...]
Creative practice = examined life.[...]
“A War-Scattered Family.” [...]
Celebrating turkeys.[...]
Rottenberg on Greenfield.The Outsider.[...]
Student film-makers’ road to debut feature, Driving Not Knowing.[...]
A young reporter gets his first taste of war in eastern Ukraine. [...]
Nathan Mossell M1882 overcame great odds to become the first African-American graduate of Penn’s School of Medicine. He went on to found Philadelphia’s first black hospital—an achievement he never really wanted. [...]
F. Scott Fitzgerald died a failure, but now The Great Gatsby sells a half-million copies a year (even when there’s not a movie). In So We Read On, alumna and Fresh Air book-critic Maureen Corrigan explains how this happened—and why it’s right that it did.[...]
The big weekend is almost upon us. Here are some of the arts-oriented events we're looking forward to at Homecoming this year.[...]
As a freshman at Penn, Steven Knoblauch C’70 soloed in concert alongside John Coltrane. In response to a newly discovered recording, he spoke with us about that night.[...]
The Kelly Writers House will offer six alumni book groups over the current academic year.[...]
Window, Sept|Oct 2014[...]
Sept|Oct 2014[...]
Sept|Oct 2014[...]
Sept|Oct 2014[...]
Tom Corcoran WG’75 sees both sides (of the Delaware waterfront) now.[...]
“Star Spangled” commemoration of the War of 1812, orchestrated by alumni.[...]