Ann Reese CW’74 is the new president of Penn Alumni.[...]
Anne Klein W’64 ASC’65 tells classmates’ stories—and her own.[...]
“I will soon be with my son. I am fine.”[...]
Studying literature with the writer—and brilliant teacher—in the shadow of Vietnam.[...]
A different side of Philip Roth.[...]
Sept|Oct 2018[...]
Sept|Oct 2018[...]
Sept|Oct 2018[...]
Trying to understand the loss of a young journalist and family friend, who was killed last year while covering the civil war in South Sudan.[...]
New York’s Success Academy charter school network has been lionized for its sky-high test scores and robust curricular offerings—and decried for a rigidly disciplined school environment one opponent described as “abuse.” Opinions are just as divided on its combative and committed leader, Eva Moskowitz C’86. She’ll be happy to tell you who’s right.[...]
From Wes Anderson movies to "Old Jews Telling Jokes"—and now his first feature film as a writer and director—Sam Hoffman C'88 reflects on the 30 years he's spent working in movies and TV.[...]
Masters of music, 1977.[...]
Lauren Kurtz L’10 G’12 defends climate science and climate scientists.[...]
Jennifer Clair C’94’s cooking class is available for take-out (as a book).[...]
Erin McNeill C’88 champions “media literacy” legislation for schools.[...]
Bon Ku C’95 is bringing a design mentality to improving healthcare.[...]
July|August 2018[...]
July|August 2018[...]
July|August 2018[...]
The power of query, in class and in life.[...]