Mixed use, Dhaka-style.[...]
Julian Wasser’s photographic love affair with Hollywood began more than half a century ago. He’s been loving and hating and shooting it ever since. [...]
Eight years ago, Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake turned their Penn Design senior studio upside down. They demoted design in favor of research, gave aesthetics a back seat to social science and data analysis, and took all their students to Bangladesh.[...]
Airea D. Matthews C’94 will have the next book (Volume 111) in the prestigious Yale Series of Younger Poets.[...]
March|April 2016[...]
March|April 2016[...]
March|April 2016[...]
Matthew Rader WG’11 cultivates the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.[...]
Brian Levin C’89 knows a scary amount about all kinds of extremism.[...]
John Doman C’66 is still exercising his acting muscle.[...]
Beverly Robertson ran the National Civil Rights Museum.[...]
Barren campus. Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color.[...]
“Father of Philippine Independent Cinema” Kidlak Tahimik WG’67.[...]
Middlesex meets Mean Girls” in YA novel None of the Above.[...]
Paul Christensen Gr’73’s “A West Texas Marriage.” [...]
Gerald’s story, and mine.[...]
“That old promise of bliss.” [...]
Uber and VIM.[...]
Penn’s Islamic chaplain Kameelah Rashad C’00 GEd ’01.[...]
“Gridlock Sam” Schwartz is an icon in New York’s century-long war with traffic. Can his final campaign reshape the city’s transportation future?[...]