Anna Grassellino Gr’10’s breakthrough improved superconductivity.[...]
“Singular” artist Jon Sarkin C’75 tries a new medium.[...]
A Penn story (but not hers) by Allison Winn Scotch C’95.[...]
Off the Beat’s star turn in Sing It On. [...]
Yeasayer aims to be “unsettling, nostalgic, and novel.” [...]
“If the sacred Chalice Well could offer even a hint of healing, I had to get to it.”[...]
Public schools need innovation—just not the kind reformers keep pushing.[...]
$10 million gift for McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton.[...]
“Realist optimist” Brandon Copeland W’13’s NFL run.[...]
Law professor and alumna Regina Austin loves star-attorney Perry Mason, but the students in her year-long Visual Legal Advocacy seminar are learning to make their cases from behind the camera.[...]
Photographer Arthur Drooker C’76 has trained his lens on American Ruins and Lost Worlds. His new collection, Conventional Wisdom, covers his strangest territory yet.[...]
For the past three decades, the Raab family has been buying and selling rare documents. It’s a uniquely personal way of learning—and sharing—history. [...]
Dan Fogelman C'97 created two TV series that both debuted the same week in late September: 'This Is Us' (NBC) and 'Pitch' (Fox).[...]
Penn’s changing palate.[...]
“Welcome to the real South Africa.”[...]
Sept|Oct 2016[...]
Sept|Oct 2016[...]
Sept|Oct 2016[...]
Breanna Moore C'15 is bringing Ghanaian fabrics to the US with her new fashion line, LaBré.[...]
Amy Hollander GFA’95 runs the National Museum of Industrial History.[...]