Jennifer Toth Nu’15 GNu’19 is helping kids with cancer—just like her.[...]
Alan “Bo” Leibowitz C’67 spent 40 years celebrating jazz on the radio.[...]
Marc Kushner C’99 believes in the power of architecture.[...]
Robert Dunham C’80 has fought the death penalty for decades.[...]
Fate and longing in Portugal.[...]
What Dick Van Dyke taught me.[...]
Penn Museum program links local residents to Gordion site.[...]
May|Jun 2019[...]
May|Jun 2019[...]
May|Jun 2019[...]
Jessica Penzias C’12 has found a niche writing musicals for kids—and Stimulus Children's Theatre gave one of her shows its world premiere in November.[...]
Alan Sepinwall C’96 on his book, The Sopranos Sessions.[...]
“The death is off for now.”[...]
Andrea Kremer C’80 was honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[...]
Mark Palatucci EAS’00 is designing robots with “character.”[...]
John Chimples C’80 won a Peabody, an Emmy, and an “Eddie.”[...]
Living through California’s worst wildfire season.[...]
Gained in translation.[...]
Newly settled in Costa Rica, a recent alumnus investigates the legacy of “filibuster” William Walker M1843—largely forgotten in the US but still perhaps the most hated man in Central America.[...]
For 40 years, Mariette Pathy Allen GFA’65 has focused her camera on gender identity and expressions of gender. Through portraits of men who identified as crossdressers in the 1980s—and later, through photos of the transgender community and trans rights movement—she has shined a light on people who were often pushed to the margins of society. Some consider her the unofficial photographer of transge[...]